27 January 2010

21st January 2010 - Splash!

This is another dodgy photo taken from inside the car while it was horrendous outside but I had to get a picture of the waves crashing off the back of the Rock Pool and reaching about 3 times as high as the wall! I just wish I had have had my good camera with me to take this photo but as it is I had to make do with my camera phone so sorry about the quality!

20th January 2010 - Mixed Glass

I went to the bottle bank in the dark to get rid of all our recycling - a trip that is never fun made much worse by the fact that it's dark, the recycling area is lit with orange lights and it's bloody hard to make out the colour of the glass bottles unless they are clear. A trip made doubly worse by the fact that none of the bottles were mine what with the being pregnant and not being able to drink damnit! Anyway, I had spent some time getting all my bottles into the right bins and as I threw away the last one I noticed a new sign had gone on to all the glass bins - MIXED GLASS

Arg... I could have saved myself a hell of a lot of time and just thrown them all into the one bin. Of course since it was dark I barely noticed the sign until it was too late!

19th January 2010 - In Car

We've had such horrible weather recently that I couldn't even face getting out of my car to take this photo. It was so wet and windy outside I thought I might have been blown away and I would definitely have got soaked, even for the length of time it would have taken me to take a single photo! Anyway I took the very lazy way out and took the photo while sitting in my car hence all the little pin points of light where the rain hadn't quite been washed away properly by my windscreen wipers!

26 January 2010

18th January 2010 - Bridging a Gap

Had the dogs out for a walk on the promenade in the evening and thought the new (well relatively new) bridge looked particularly great. I love it now that the promenade has been all done up and is well lit as it means you can go for a walk in the evening and still feel safe. Despite it being a cold, dark January evening there were loads of people about!

17th January 2010 - I'll Sit Where I like!

Our heating's been broken and the hubby has taken to lying on the sofa and using the dogs as blankets. Any extra heat is quite welcome at the minute. I think with my ever expanding waistline he wouldn't appreciate me doing the same though! Anyway dogs on sofa is an obviously bad idea as he didn't quite count on the fact that since they are so used to being up there they now think it's their space lol

16th January 2010 - Baby Shelf

My baby belly's now getting so big that I can use it as a shelf! Just about hitting the 3rd trimester now so not long to go - I can't see it come in fast enough :)

15th January 2010 - Washer

Woohoo - my quest to kit myself out with appliances before the baby arrives is progessing nicely. This is the dishwasher I managed to get off Gumtree for £50. Even better the bloke selling it was able to deliver it to the house so I didn't have to faff about trying to arrange to pick it up. It's already made life a hell of a lot easier, now for the tumble dryer...