11 January 2010

8th January 2010 - Orion

Ok, I freely admit to having arsed about with this one for effect. I put my camera on a 60 second shutter speed and took a photo of the starry sky from one of the upper windows in our house. It was so clear that night and since our house looks over a golf course and out to sea there's practically no light pollution to interfere with the view of the sky. I have messed about with the contrast and levels slightly so that you can see the stars more clearly but the photo is all my own! Orion's right above the top of the tree - who can see it?


Darwi said...

Such a lovely photo!

Maeve said...

That's such a lovely pic Jools, you're doing so well with all the photo taking...not like me ;) Hope all's well, looking forward to our postponed pizza date!!